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Expand your visibility within the digital nomad community.

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Only the highest quality coliving communities are listed on Coliving Compass. Be known as one of the “best of the best” in the industry.


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Gain access to one of the world’s leading coliving expert. Learn how to enhance your space, and attract more members.

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We direct all booking inquiries directly to your website. No commission fees.

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More visitors leads to higher lead generation, improved conversion rates, and a rise in bookings / reservations for your co-living space.

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Be listed first in the search results on Coliving Compass, and get Newsletter Spotlights and Social Media Exposure.

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When we list your space and link to your website, there are several SEO benefits which improve your website’s visibility, credibility, authority and rankings. 

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When your coliving space is listed on Coliving Compass, you are eligible to show a Top Coliving Award on your website.

How to apply?

1. Choose A Membership
2. Fill Out The Application
3. Wait 48 Hours For Approval

Requirements To Be Listed

All communities must be specifically intended for digital nomads and remote workers. We review every application individually to make sure it meets Coliving Compass standards.

A Dedicated Workspace / Coworking SpaceWeekly Community Events & ActivitiesDiscounts For Stays of 30+ Days
Private & Shared SpacesMinimum of 5 BedroomsFully-Furnished Spaces
Housekeeping IncludedAll-Inclusive BillsFast & Reliable Wi-Fi
At Coliving Compass, we believe that certain features and amenities are a must.

Coliving Compass Insights / Media Data

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Jan 1st – Jan 31st, 2024

We’re more than a booking platform

Think of us as part of your Sales and Marketing Team.

We are the #1 website for digital nomads looking for community-focused coliving.

For just €9/mo, we send you qualified leads, directly to your website.  (No commission fees!)

The average coliving booking is €950.  Which means, if you get just ONE booking from our site per year, your membership will have paid for itself 8x over.

PLUS, you get the added benefit of increasing your rankings on Google through our SEO-optimized listings.

Want to see if your space is a fit for our users?  Apply below.

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The minimum membership period is 6 months, after which, you are free to cancel anytime before the next monthly payment is made.
Have questions? Feel free to send a message.


How does the ¹AI Chatbot work?
Our AI Chat is a customized bot trained specifically on your coliving space. It can answer in-depth questions about your space in a conversational way. For example, a potential customer can ask things like, “Are you pet-friendly?” “What is the vibe of the space like?” “Can I walk to the beach?”. The AI Chat will be visible in your listing, and you can integrate it onto your own site as well. Additionally, we can connect it to respond on WhatsApp, Messenger and Telegram.

What is a ²Follow Link?
A Follow Link is a link that search engines follow to pass ‘link juice’ to the linked webpage. Basically, it can help improve your SEO and help your webpage rank higher in search results.

Can you tell me more about the ³Mini Website Audit?
With your membership, you’ll receive a personalized Mini Website Audit. Our resident coliving expert, Leah will take a deep dive into your website and uncover your booking barriers. You’ll receive 10+ actionable steps to help you attract more members to your space.

Can you tell me more about the ⁴1:1 Strategy Session?
Of course! With your membership, you’ll receive a 60-Minute 1:1 Strategy Session to grow your coliving brand with Leah Ziliak. Leah is one of the world’s leading coliving consultants, and can help you attract more members, increase retention rates, hire the right team members, and build your CX Strategy. ($522 Value) 

What happens if you don’t approve my coliving space?
You get a 100 percent refund!

How do you feature the ‘best spaces’ if you can pay to be listed?
Here’s the truth: 80% of coliving spaces that apply to be on our site are NOT approved. We are serious about quality. Our users trust us to help them find the best spaces out there.  Which means, not every space who wants to be listed will be approved.

Who do I contact if I have questions?
Reach out to us anytime. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have!

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