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Lokal Co-living

Located in the digital nomad hotspot of Tbilisi, Lokal Coliving offers private rooms, along with full access to their coworking space, featuring bookable call and meeting rooms and 100mbps wifi. Lokal Tbilisi offers a variety of social events and activities for it’s members, making it the perfect place to live and work.

Climate in Tbilisi

Climate In Tbilisi
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75 reviews
  • Trinity Treft
    Trinity Treft
    3 months ago

    The perfect place to find a home away from home. The staff are all very friendly, the owner will make you feel like you're hanging out at your moms place, with all the lovely amenities that you'd expect to accompany that. They offer a great selection of beverages. If you're looking for a space to work from, look no further! Lokal offers plenty of quiet and inviting work areas. The co-live rooms are all spacious and have personal bathrooms and workspaces as well! Come for a day to work, stay for a month as a family... And don't miss the events!

  • Sean Goin
    Sean Goin
    6 months ago

    I have attended and hosted activities at this location. The staff are friendly, courteous, and amicable. Very helpful if you need information. The space is clean and tidy. The owner, Candy, is always a pleasure to speak with and interact with.

  • Seipelo Mosweu
    Seipelo Mosweu
    3 months ago

    Thanksgiving dinner 24 Nov 22: The customer service was poor not sure if it was a race issue cause certainly it seemed everyone around us was attended to in time with smiles. They couldn't even change the table cloth that was stained with food and wine by the people that were previously sitting there, disgusting! Just when you think things couldn't get worse - I think it was the co-owner (lady with dark short hair) was extremely rude🤯 when asking her why the other guests that had joined me an hour before closing time were not allowed to get food considering the fact each person that attended the dinner contributed to the food that was there to be shared and not to mention there was still plenty to go around. It's not like the event was for free (we brought food & paid for beverages) so I'm baffled by this treatment. I had always seen interesting Lokal events posted and reviews and was really keen on attending most of them but my first experience there left a bitter taste in my mouth 🤢

  • Pablo Osuna García

    Lokal is a very special coliving that I highly recommend to everyone who wants to explore Tbilisi and Georgia. And also for those who are spending their first weeks in Tbilisi, thinking about settling there for a longer period of time. Candy and her team are really great, very hospitable and make you feel at home from the first day. The house itself is very cozy, all rooms have individual bathrooms, with many common spaces such as gardens, lounges, and even its own cinema! There are several well equipped coworking areas. In addition to the community living in Lokal, all kinds of events are organized that allow you to easily establish connections with other remote workers in Tbilisi. I spent part of the winter there, and now that it's my turn to leave, I'm already missing that home, I hope to be back soon! ¡Muchas Gracias!

  • Jennifer De Witt
    Jennifer De Witt
    a year ago

    This co-living and co-working space has got it all! A fantastic community with events that bring people of all walks together. Lokal also happens to have a gorgeous interior garden and courtyard, wide open workspace in the fresh air and out of the elements, and a delicious vegan restaurant Living Vino right here, too. It's a comfortable and intimate community for coliving with as much privacy as you need. The shared kitchen makes mealtimes fun. Currently, and I'll have to update this, there's a nightly curfew at 9PM and places to eat only offer take-out on the weekends, so it's fun to get to know people so quickly. If you're considering a visit to Tbilisi, definitely check out Lokal as a first stop or stay while here.

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