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Bali Bustle Co-living

Bali Bustle’s coliving space offers studio rooms, family suites, or loft apartments. Whether you are a digital nomad or just want to simplify your housing experience, they have the right home for you by simplifying the housing experience for people coming from around the world.

The Co-living Space of Bali Bustle Coliving provides a sense of connection through various amenities. Residents can utilize 24-hour coworking space, gym, pool, and café, among other things.

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270 reviews
  • Daniel Cocos
    Daniel Cocos
    3 months ago

    This review is only about the coworking space. You can focus on your work without worrying about the internet. It is very good . The place is clean and the staff is friendly. You can also go at the pool or work outside if you want. There is also a bad part. In the office are only two meeting rooms and you have to make an appointment one or two days before (sometimes you have spontaneous calls). All the time the rooms all full of influencers doing live meetings on social networks or filming themselves playing solitaire .If you want to talk to someone or to have a quick call outside the meeting rooms everyone is looking at you and judging. For how much money is for a month I expect a better coffee like in the other countries I’ve been, not the instant Nescafé. In conclusion, the place is great, but the people there must learn to be more open minded and friendly.

  • Michelle Sheu
    Michelle Sheu
    6 months ago

    didn't really like my stay, and was here for 1 month. the good is that they have ergonomic office chairs and 24/7 coworking access. I like the rooftop outdoor space, fun for inversion or yoga practice. now the bad - my video calls dropped very often, which affected my work schedule and prevented me to from facilitating meetings. because I work across US time zones I wasn't able to get assistance with spotty wi-fi late at night (local time). I experienced unreliable internet in both in my room on 6th floor and in the coworking space at ground level. useless loft office - I had the loft room, the ladder is very steep and difficult to climb, "office" is very cramped, made me feel claustrophobic and I am a petite woman who is 4'11". gym always smelled like sweat and is extremely basic (treadmill, a bench, free weights, yoga mats). outdoor area on rooftop was nice though. you have to pre-pay for electricity. not sure if my bill may be higher than average, but ended up paying over 1 million IDR extra for electricity. Front desk takes 10k service charge but you can also top off using Gojek app if you have an Indonesian sim. staff at front desk gave incorrect info, like that you can get a sim from circle K, which isn't true. not a great cafe experience - frustrated that the cafe won't break down change for little bills, they only do if you buy something. ordered a choco croissant from cafe and it was so stale and greasy!!!!! I see them put the same pastries out every day so i believe they are few days old. as you can tell I can't recommend and wouldn't come back tbh.

  • Кирилл Федосеев

    Good place, but has poor laundry keep it in mind. So that everyone knows how the Bali bustle laundress works: 1. Take clothes 2. They give away spoiled: all clothes with blue spots, streaks, traces of ironing, they are obviously washed all together (white with black and colored) - maybe someone has not blue, but a different color 3. Then they try to fix it for 2 weeks, but white things do not wash off, and other clothes from aggressive washing deteriorates even more 4. They are not responsible for their actions, although they take 25k per kg - the top of the market, and the level is like 5-10k I strongly recommend everyone not to use a local laundress - this is a loss of nerves, clothes and most importantly time. When asked to compensate for their negligence - I was given 5-10% of the cost of things, which does not make sense - I'd better tell everyone.

  • Ana Nas
    Ana Nas
    3 weeks ago

    very cool place. always delicious and fresh food. responsive friendly staff. I love this cafe very much.

  • Az Har
    Az Har
    7 months ago

    Stayed here for a month, was awesome! Staff are super friendly, co-working space is perfect. Flat is compact but has everything you need. AC has good coverage in the room which is great. Cafe downstairs is quite expensive so we barely used it. So many food options nearby, even late night 24hour convenient stores for late workers. BB is located just off Dewi Sri, so the atmosphere is vibrant till late at night. You will hear music nearly every night as the whole street love singing till late. For me it wasn’t a problem, I quite liked how the locals have a good time at night, it’s different in the west where they get drunk and go partying. But sometimes it can be annoying, so don’t be surprised at hearing 10 different places all having a karaoke every night! Gym on top floor is included in price but bare in mind there is only dumbbells, 1 bench and a treadmill that’s it. Cleaning happens once a week but we believe it should be twice. The room is small and gets dirty quick, they also give one of everything including toilet roll, which for 2 people goes out fast. The best thing about this place is the peace you feel when you chill. Everyone is nice and on the same wavelength. No one is in your face. You get the odd annoying western tourist who have no respect but majority of people are really easy going. I would rate this place 9/10! I would definitely come back… me and my wife are going to miss it. Thank you and all the best!

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