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franz & mathilde Co-living

Nestled in the Italian Alps, Franz & Mathilde Coliving is the perfect place to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of city life and connect with nature. This idyllic setting is surrounded by towering mountains, pristine forests and crystal-clear rivers. The coliving space at franz&mathilde offers a workcafe for those who need to stay connected, as well as a garden terrace where you can enjoy an apertif while watching the sun set over the mountains. There’s also a garden, where you can relax and take in the fresh mountain air. Whether you’re looking to escape the grind of city life or simply want to enjoy some time surrounded by nature, Franz & Mathilde Coliving Space is the perfect place for you.

Climate in Tisens

Climate In Tisens
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14 reviews
  • Antoine Cheng
    Antoine Cheng
    10 months ago

    Hard to describe the amazing month that I just spend here, Sarah (with an H) & Philipp really make you feel home on day 1. The place is so nicely decorated, the view is incredible, the atmosphere is calm and relaxing. There is only 6 rooms so you get to know each people who lives with you and share some nice moment. They are also organizing some activities, like BBQ, night out, swim at the lake, pizza party, etc...so you don't get bored at any time. All the guests who booked 1 week after 2 days already regrets to have not booked longer, don't make that mistake !

  • Alexandra Kurgashova
    Alexandra Kurgashova
    9 months ago

    I stayed in Franz & Mathilde for 10 days and it was a perfect workation escape. I always say “Everything in life is better with a view”: Especially In Franz & Mathilde house, from where you can work or study surrounded by green spaces, apple plantations, mountain views and nature sounds, this place provides you with everything a remote worker can dream of : - speed internet - Comfortable working and living space - Inspiring interior made with taste and love - Plenty of outdoor activities walking or driving distance - Local food and drinks experiences - Flexible and easy going setup - Stunning landscape that you can enjoy from both your private room or common terrace ! A workation retreat to be repeated… 😍🥰

  • Clara Fischer
    Clara Fischer
    9 months ago

    Arriving at Franz and Mathilde feels like coming home to a place where your peers have been awaiting you. It sounds cliché, but this is what I truly believe: You will get to meet the kindest and most engaging hosts that will always help you out and make sure to encourage evening gatherings around the bonfire. Furthermore, we've built wonderful connections to people that have an interesting take on life. We had the opportunity to go on midday hikes (thanks for the recommendations!), went for Via Ferratas for the first time, jumped into a beautiful lake and had a great time hanging out, eating tons of delicious pizza from Tisens. Hard facts: - good place to work, even with desks with adjustable height - ultra comfy beds with a flabbergasting view from the balcony - yummy breakfast with great coffee variations (Philipp knows his stuff!) - a little supermarket is not too far to walk to - you're definitely able to get here with public transport and get around by bus to your hikes. Just ask Sarah and Philipp about their recommendations :-) If I had to subsumize my experience here, I'd say it was an astonishing place that I'm happy to return to as soon as possible.

  • Susanne Vg
    Susanne Vg
    9 months ago

    I stayed at Franz&Mathilde for a week in August and had the loveliest time. Even so that I already booked my second stay while I was there. Philipp and Sarah put a lot of their energy into making us feel at home. From the delicious daily breakfast (what a luxury :)) to the pizza feasts and hiking trips we share together, building the community is at the core of everything Philipp and Sarah do. Plus, no community managers involved: Philipp and Sarah do everything by themselves and join the group often, for morning chats, nature trips or just hanging out and chatting. Makes it feel relaxed and personal. The décor of the coliving is absolutely gorgeous: minimalism meets jungle vibes meets hygge. From how the place is furnished and decorated, you can tell that Philipp and Sarah have a background in (and eye for) creativity. The people staying at Franz&Mathilde are open-minded, very kind, and super fun to be around. With nature so closeby (that backdrop!) and close to the hearts of everyone at the coliving, it’s not hard to find a connection. If coliving in nature with fun and active people speaks to you, I would recommend to book a stay and find out for yourself :)

  • Sara T
    Sara T
    10 months ago

    Beautiful and cozy coliving retreat - a home away from home with stunning views. The owners Sarah and Philipp are amazing hosts and have created a great space to work, live and connect for digital nomads and people who want a change of scenery. Recommend 100% Edit: I have now been back for the third time and love how each season offers so many different activities - skiing resorts are close by as well as very refreshing mountain lakes for those hot summer months. Autumn might still be my favourite time to visit with changing colours and crisp mountain air for great panoramic hikes.

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