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co.404 Co-living

With a strong community and fast wifi, Co. 404 Coliving is the perfect place to call home in Mexico! The days are spent working alongside other digital nomads from the dedicated workspaces. And, the evenings are spent enjoying movie nights, family dinners, bonfires, sunsets and collaborating as a community. This space is one to check out!

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  • Eric Do
    Eric Do
    3 weeks ago

    What a wonderful place to stay in San Cris. I initially booked for 1 week, extended it to 2, and if I didn’t have plans I’d stay longer. The community is great and I felt welcomed from the first day. Although it’s a hostel, most people stay at least a few weeks to months, so everyone treats it like their home. People here also actually work during the day, and it’s a great place to focus - whether at the desks, conference rooms, or outside in the backyard. There’s also weekly activities such as yoga, movie nights, and family dinners. They’re always great. I wouldn’t hesitate at all to book a stay here! You will definitely have an amazing.

  • kristina herself
    kristina herself
    a month ago

    I stayed here both as a guest and volunteer and it was phenomenal. You feel like a part of the family the minute you step through the door. This place has a perfect balance between productivity and unwinding. You don’t feel like you’re missing out if you have to work because many here are digital nomads, so the vibe is very chill+productive. You can easily fill your social meter while also getting work done, especially because they set up social activities around work hours. The garden is instantly serenity inducing and the views from the patio is relentlessly breathtaking. The sunsets alone would have made this place worth it. Showers are excellent. The rooms feel like straight out of a bohemian interior magazine. I wouldn’t stay anywhere else in San Cris.

  • Maria Hogan
    Maria Hogan
    6 months ago

    The perfect place to stay as digital nomads in San Cristobal. WiFi is excellent, great co working space and lots of people doing the same. Volunteers organise activities each week so you'll always have something to do. The house itself is really nice with cool decor. Nice chill out areas and the kitchen is great. I often feel uncomfortable in shared kitchens but this one is so well looked after by both guests and volunteers. Bedroom is great with an amazing shower. Would definitely go back here if I'm back in San Cristobal.

  • Paul Dewani
    Paul Dewani
    5 months ago

    If you're a digital nomad looking for a community of friends, this is the perfect place. Staff and volunteers are very welcoming, Wifi is incredibly fast and is perfect for someone working remote, and Management (Santi and the others) is amazing. Great, great experience!!

  • Marcello Brunaldi
    Marcello Brunaldi
    a year ago

    404 is such an amazing place, where it is easy to fit in! If you work remotely this is the right hostel. Also if you like to follow a healthy lifestyle here you can find many enlighten minds. I will never forget the teaching of Jay, one of the volunteers who work here. My experience wouldn’t be the same without him. He can teach you a lot of stuff and together with Jesus is one of the most mindful person I have ever met.

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