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Gato Azul Co-living

At Gato Azul Coliving, you can work and stay in a beautiful historic home, right in the heart of La Orotava. Gato Azul is a place for digital nomads to get things done, while also connecting with people around the world. With high speed internet (500 mbps) and 3 different working spaces, you’ll feel comfortable working anywhere. Enjoy free daily breakfast, as well as easy access to beaches, hiking trails and nightlife. Check out Gato Azul!

Climate in La Orotava

Climate In La Orotava
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23 reviews
  • Michaela Mairinger
    Michaela Mairinger
    3 months ago

    Phenomenal experience. My 3-week stay at Gato was really amazing. If you're looking for a familiar, kind, warm place, Gato Azul is the right place. The 300 year old house is a gem and has been beautifully refurbished with lots of details. The coworking spaces are what I needed. The beds are super comfortable and the place is always clean. Will definitely come back!

  • Regina Török
    Regina Török
    3 months ago

    Very nice place to stay for Coworking and for young people, super clean, Ingolf the owner made sure everything was great. Very good location in La Orotava. There are 3-4 areas where you can work in the house and also outside on the rooftop terrace and in the garden which is beautiful! Great breakfast is provided, with home made kefir and fruits grown in the garden. Highly recommended to stay here!

  • Dave Thackeray (Thacknology)

    Simply spellbinding. Loved every single thing about this place - from the garden's oranges to squeeze for juice, to the great community and WiFi connection. And in one of Tenerife's most beautiful towns. A real sweet joint.

  • Bastian Herold
    Bastian Herold
    a month ago

    I spent a week here in January 2023 at Gato Azul Coliving and unfortunately have to draw a negative conclusion. Gato Azul is a beautiful and newly renovated old house (300 years old) with two floors, a garden and a roof terrace. Architecturally, it is a real jewel with a lot of charm and unique design. So what's the problem? It's a fancy, expensive hostel and currently the noisiest accommodation I have ever stayed in as a frequent traveller. You have no privacy whatsoever. Sleeping through the night for 7-8 hours is not possible according to individual needs. This is not the fault of the guests, but the house is old and you can hear every step and every conversation above whispering volume, even if you are in your room with the door closed. The house currently accommodates consistently too many people. According to the website, 10 rooms for a total of 20 people. This is far too much. People jostle each other in the morning and evening in the narrow corridors, on the stairs and especially in the kitchen. In addition, with full occupancy, 6-8 people also have to share a nice but tiny bathroom. For introverts who also need a quiet retreat from time to time, this must be an absolute nightmare. The three rooms in the middle of the second floor have no real fresh air supply and lead to the corridor, where there is constant activity. If you live on the ground floor, you also have to deal with the trampling from the second floor. There are currently no proper social areas within the house. You don't have any places to retreat or things to do. No cosy place to read, lie around, do yoga or sports. There is a single workroom with 6 seats, but you are not allowed to do video meetings in it because people have to work here in a focused way. The rest have to find their own places, but there aren't really any other places for concentrated work. Video meetings can be done in your room, as long as you are not accommodated in the three middle and tiny rooms on the 2nd floor. There is also a call room without fresh air for 1-2 people. But this is usually occupied and stuffy after 10 minutes. The website is false advertising. The content does not match reality. The breakfast is bread and muesli, the tap water smells strange, you can't relax in the garden because there are only uncomfortable chairs and no sunbeds. Don't go by the pictures. And above all, you usually buy a pig in a poke when it comes to the rooms. The organisation of private activities is also not easily accessible (only Slack) and conceptless in the time I was there. There were no outdoor activities. The Monday dinner has been cancelled for several weeks without replacement. Most things take place indoors instead of outside activities. The kitchens are well stocked, but far too small and not usable at busy or peak times. Costs: Gato Azul is expensive compared to other providers and despite the lack of service, sauna costs 20 EUR (which is not great either), even washing and drying clothes costs extra money. I can't understand the extra costs for coliving. After all, you live and work there. Gato Azul still seems to be in the process of finding a place (as of January 2023), but it is still far from being able to offer a good coliving concept. The price-performance ratio is unacceptable, even if the house has been lovingly restored. I had to move out in between because it was unbearable. I gave direct, concrete and constructive feedback on the spot. Nevertheless, I had to pay the full price. I understand the economic aspect behind it, but it is not supposed to be a hotel where you can go out during the day, but above all a place for people who want to work and socialise from Tenerife. I wish the owner and the staff all the best and much success in getting on the right track, where the needs of working travellers are understood and implemented. As long as this is not solved, I will not book here again. And the other guests I spent time with here feel the same way. It was a very stressful experience.

  • Alex Perry
    Alex Perry
    3 months ago

    Wanted to try this place and was told that they do pure coworking and had availability during my dates of stay but when I arrived in town I was ignored and then told abruptly that they would only provide coworking if I also rented a room with them (after I had already rented other accommodations). If they didn’t want business that’s okay but I found it actually quite rude. Unfortunate experience.

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