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Hub 53 Co-living

Hub 53 Coliving is perfect for digital nomads and remote workers, offering private rooms and full access to their well-established coworking space. With their convenient location and strong community, Hub 53 is the perfect place to call home while in Chiang Mai.

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Climate In Chiang Mai
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  • Fernanda Muñoz Garcia

    I booked this place because it has the best package plan (50 hours) at a great cost only for the coworking space, Pai is awesome, helpful and she provides you with all the info you need, however, the place just stinks, those AC's need to be cleaned and also, no air purifiers inside the place. However, you get free coffee and the internet is good enough. If you are on a budget it can be a good option though.

  • Maria Ines Aran
    Maria Ines Aran
    3 weeks ago

    They have different coworking areas which is very convenient to pick the best spot. Internet overall worked ok, I experienced only one disconnection and some websites were not reachable due to firewall. The room I did not like, it was full of mosquitos and looked dirty, old and with humidit. I would rather stay somewhere else and booked the coworking space only. The staff is very nice.

  • Gabriel Rodríguez
    Gabriel Rodríguez
    3 months ago

    I will start with the good things about this place: The staff that works in Hub53 is wonderful, they are always trying to help. Thank you for everything Pai and Toni!! Besides from that, there's nothing good about neither the coliving nor the coworking: COWORKING: The place looks dirty and old (the walls, the desks etc) and to be honest, for the price its not a very good place to work. But the biggest issue is the Internet Connection (in my opinion a key feature for a coworking). The WIFI is very slow and works horrible. There are plenty of websites that you cannot access due to a problem, I assume, related to the IP address being blocked, but I had to turn on my VPN every day at least 5 or 6 times. And finally, the connection is not stable. There were at least 2 days that the conection was very bad, and the wifi wasn't working at all, so we had to use our personal hotspot (and nope, no one offered to reimburse the money for these two days). Also, if you have a meeting, you will have to go to the Skype booths, and... SURPRISE, you won't be able to have a fluent meeting at all! COLIVING: The place is awful, doesn't look like the photos at all. Claustrophobic, old and noisy due to very bad wall isolation. The windows face straight to a wall, so it has almost no sun at all. There's a closeby farm with chicken that will wake you up some nights. Also, there's supposed to be drinking water in the coliving area. In the 2 weeks we spent there we could only use the fountain once, the rest of the times was empty and no one cared about changing it. Once we were there for a couple of days, we tried to cancel our original stay because we didn't want to be there for a couple of weeks, but they didn't let us do it, thing that, having all the issues they have, would have been logical. So, my recommendation for eveyrione is, think twice if you do a reservation in this ¨coliving¨, go there, test the internet, the rooms (some beds are as bad that we still have back pain) and in general, the place, so you won't be extremelly dissapointed like we were.

  • Jasmine Mann
    Jasmine Mann
    4 years ago

    Definitely recommend this for other digital nomads! I chose to stay at Hub53 because I wanted to meet like-minded individuals who were in town for both work and play. Everyone is very collaborative and there's a great balance between the privacy and socializing vs a hostel where the environment is typically more party-oriented. It makes a huge difference when you are surrounded by others who are hustling and also know how to take a break and check out the city :)

  • Sagi Solomon
    Sagi Solomon
    3 years ago

    My favorite co-working to work from in Chiang Mai. Fast internet with 24/7 access, also private lockers available. There are a few Skype rooms you can use for private calls, a shared kitchen with coffee machine and filtered water and even a nap room to relax in. Location is good with some food stands and 7 11 nearby. Also they have the Hubster which serves smoothies and salads and you can even order and get directly to your sit! I got a monthly package combined with Chiang Mai Holistic which is 1 minute walking distance and have daily Yoga and fitness lessons. Great combination between health and work. Highly recommend that package.

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