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Chateau Co-Living

Located in an actual 12th century castle in France, Chateau Coliving is one of the most charming coliving spaces out there. The castle itself is located in the middle of a very large park on a property that turns into an island in winter! With a dedicated coworking space and community events, Chateau Coliving is the perfect spot for digital nomads looking for a unique shared living experience.

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Climate In Picauville - Chateau Coliving
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103 reviews
  • Asia Rose Lovett
    Asia Rose Lovett
    3 months ago

    We had an unforgettable time at this co-living/co-working Castle. Katia is so sweet and accommodating. We are a family with kids and stayed in the Manor apartment. It had everything we needed and was very comfortable. We stayed for a month. The Manor/Castle was so homey, it felt like we were just staying at Kaita's home. We felt so honored to stay in a place with such a rich history. We are thankful that Katia and her husband have opened up their family home for others to enjoy.

  • Cheryl Balazs
    Cheryl Balazs
    3 months ago

    We have been at the Chateau with a large group of travelers and it's been a fantastic location, staff are so helpful and engaged. It's picture perfect in all ways!

  • Michelle Teo
    Michelle Teo
    7 months ago

    This was an amazing coworking and coliving experience! I cannot recommend enough, and will be back! It's very well managed - the management team and community managers are definitely experienced and know what they're doing. And the diversity and quality of people that we got to meet there were top notch, my partner was even able to work long-term with 2 people on specific projects from our time there!

  • J W
    J W
    a year ago

    Everything has been perfect. This is one of the best places I ever stayed and I wish I could stay longer. I’ve already booked a return trip. Everyone is amazing, the rooms are big and beautiful, and honestly, it’s just the best all around. It’s been the most enormous privilege. A big thank you to the owners and the team. What a dream.

  • Joe Clarke
    Joe Clarke
    a year ago

    A beautiful space, facilitated by wonderful hosts. We stayed here for our first coliving experience and if other spaces are anything like this, I don't know why we would ever stop. I can't draw any comparisons to other colivings, but I know that we felt welcomed and integrated from our first day here. It's in a rural location, so if you're looking for somewhere where you can stroll down the street to get a coffee and people-watch, this won't be right for you. There's plenty of interesting stuff nearby, but you'll need to have a car -- or ask the chateau team to arrange a trip to use one of the on-site cars. The rural situation, though, lends itself to a strong sense of community and connection. People spend a lot of time together (without it feeling cliquey), but there is so much room for everybody to have their own space that if you want to have a quiet day to yourself, it's easy. Couldn't recommend it more. :)

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