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Cloud Citadel Coliving

Rue Louis Fauré, Briançon, France
  • Bedrooms
  • Baths
  • Min. stay
    Two Weeks
  • Wifi (Down/Upload)

Cloud Citadel Co-living

Cloud Citadel Coliving is a nature-loving digital nomad hub located in the French Alps. Briancon, where there is 300+ days of sunshine every year, is the perfect setting for colivers to get inspired and be more productive in their professional lives while having fun exploring the mountains in the company of like-minded people.

Briançon’s UNESCO World Heritage citadel, known as the Vauban Citadel, is located right at the fortifications’ edge and commands breathtaking views of the mountains. Every room of the house gets a lot of sun and looks out onto the mountains. It has its own personality and ecosystem, much like a village. It’s lively, historically rich, and has hundreds of cafes, bars, restaurants, shops, art galleries, and other delights. Commodities are just minutes away from the house, and one can exit the citadel and walk through pine woodlands to experience the fresh mountain air.

Why choose Cloud Citadel Coliving?

♥️ Located in the heart of the French Alps
☀️ 300+ Days of Sunshine
🥾 Paradise for hikers, climbers, cyclers, skiers and nature lovers
🍽 Family Dinners
🐟 Mountain Lakes
🏠 Historic Old Town

Climate in Briançon

Climate In Briançon - Cloud Citadel

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Cloud Citadel Coliving Reviews

68 reviews
  • Anton Penchev (Beer Bastards)

    From the moment I set foot in Cloud Citadel, I was taken aback by the exceptional coliving space, nestled among magnificent mountain peaks, offering breathtaking views from every window. The cleanliness and organization are impeccable, making it evident that attention to detail is a priority here. The community atmosphere is akin to a family, where everyone is welcome and included. Living at Cloud Citadel has been an unparalleled experience. The house exudes warmth and coziness, with ample common spaces that invite residents to relax and socialize. The kitchen is not only well equipped but also the heart of the house, where culinary magic happens daily. The workout room, laundry facilities, light-filled dining area, and the supremely comfortable chill room have all been designed with the comfort and needs of the community in mind. The coworking facilities are top-notch, with blazing-fast WiFi, comfortable chairs, and additional screens for those who need them. The flexibility to choose between a quiet area or a more dynamic space allows for personalized work environments, and the call room is a much-appreciated feature for private conversations. But what truly sets Cloud Citadel apart are the hosts, whose dedication and involvement with the house activities are nothing short of incredible. They are the heartbeat of this place, ensuring that the array of activities keeps everyone engaged and entertained. For those looking for the best coliving experience, look no further. Cloud Citadel is not just a place to stay; it's a vibrant community to be a part of, a nurturing space to work, and a peaceful sanctuary to call home. I cannot recommend it enough; it's the best coliving experience I've ever had.

  • Thibaut Dumont
    Thibaut Dumont
    7 months ago

    Cloud Citadel has been by far one of my most wonderful coliving experience. Nested at the top of the gorgeous city of Briançon, I found there a comfortable and respectful space to work during week days, a warm, beautiful and caring community to chill with at evenings and a beautiful and wild natural environment to adventure myself in during the week ends. How wonderful it is to bond with like minded people over a Via Ferrata or a day on the slopes ? The hosts and facilitators were also very welcoming, helpful and cared to preserve a good balance between fun and quiet times. The rooms are cosy, comfortable and wide. The common spaces are well equipped and prone for spontaneous conversations and encounters to flourish. I'll be back.

  • Kingston Tam
    Kingston Tam
    3 years ago

    I stayed in Cloud Citadel for about a month and had a wonderful time. With beautiful mountain views every morning and lots of great nature just a short while away, it was the perfect escape from city life. Jelena and Joe created a great and welcoming atmosphere and it was very fun being able to explore the surroundings while meeting some very interesting people.

  • Jake Oulahen
    Jake Oulahen
    2 months ago

    Amazing community with very kind, thoughtful owners who put a ton of care and detail into the house. Tons is provided for, including equipment to do different outdoor activities, a massive array of communal spices and condiments in the kitchen, and tons of planned outings and activities to get to know your housemate. I recommend Cloud Citidal to anyone looking to unwind in a beautiful location, nestled in the gorgeous natural scenery of the French Alps and meet like-minded people.

  • Laura Lonni
    Laura Lonni
    2 years ago

    This coliving is just perfect! We came as a couple and originally booked a room for 2 months… we ended up staying for 3! Travellers for a few years, we had the chance to try a lot of different colivings before. And I have to say: this one is without any doubt one of the best you could find! As a digital nomad, it is sometimes hard to feel like home in the places you visit. Well, not in Cloud Citadel! The house is just so cosy! The light, the spaces, the style, the rooms, the town… everything is made for you to feel comfortable. The coworking space is one of a kind! The view is STUNNING, the chairs are ergonomic, the internet fast, and there is a very cute fireplace. You are really able to focus on your work there and get a lot done! But what makes this coliving very special is the community. The weekly family meeting makes a huge different: you get to know people very quickly & organise many activities: dog sledding, ski touring, hiking, fat biking… but also indoor activities such as board game nights or skillshares. The people we met there are so inspirational and open minded! We truly bonded, which is sometimes hard to do when you travel a lot! And if you are not French and you are worried about that… don’t be! Everyone is so welcoming that we only speak English (unless you want to learn French or any other languages that other people might speak!). Finally, special thanks to Jelena and Joé of course, the owners, who I believe are friends now! They care deeply about how every single guest feel in the house, and are very involved in their project, which will make your stay unforgettable!

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