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Bali Bustle Co-living

Bali Bustle’s coliving space offers studio rooms, family suites, or loft apartments. Whether you are a digital nomad or just want to simplify your housing experience, they have the right home for you by simplifying the housing experience for people coming from around the world. The Co-living Space of Bali Bustle Coliving provides a sense of connection through various amenities. Residents can utilize 24-hour coworking space, gym, pool, and café, among other things.

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294 reviews
  • Miguel Álvarez
    Miguel Álvarez
    3 months ago

    Very nice place to stay. Everything is high quality. The service is great they solve any issue very fast and are very attentive. The only thing I would say is that most people don't like to socialize too much but the rest is great.

  • Sergei
    a month ago

    I'll start with the pros, it's only 1 - Possibility to order a delicious breakfast on the first floor. Cons (there are a lot of them) - bad wifi, constant interruptions and speed 35 - poor cleaning, they clean very badly, it takes them 5 minutes to clean the room - there is no way to cook, or rather eat, there is an induction cooker, but cooking in the room is terrible, everything stinks with the smell of food in your room - dishes, you are offered to cook in a skillet and in a saucepan, which have already deteriorated for a long time. This speaks of their attitude to kwam - the instagram photo of the number does not really match. Everything is already strange and has fallen into disrepair - and the biggest minus is that next to the coworking from 6 pm to 2 am they sing songs and loud music plays. Nearby there are 2 open food courts, and it is impossible to relax there - the cost, for this money in bali you can rent a gohorny guest house in a quiet area and good wifi, with cleaning every day or 2 times a week. I do not recommend this place to stay, you will be just disappointed.

  • Martin Schwall
    Martin Schwall
    a week ago

    Probably the best coworking space in Seminyak Spacious, not crowded , modern, good internet, descent food with descent price. The chair are not very confi though but everything else is nice.

  • Simon Poppi
    Simon Poppi
    4 months ago

    Positiv: nice silent room with big desks and comfortable chairs Negative: if you have a meeting, the front area is way too noisy. They are crushing ice for milkshakes right next to you.

  • Lisa-Lou Kara
    Lisa-Lou Kara
    5 months ago

    Experience overall disappointing considering the good reviews and the price. The place is aging (water leaks in the closet for example), and it’s not very clean (kettle full of limescale). Also, internet is poor, there are animals in the double ceiling, and the gym is tiny and rudimentary. And don’t use their airport shuttle service. They overcharge like crazy ! Despite that, staff is really great and always there to help.

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