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SunDesk Coliving

SunDesk Coworking, Taghazout, Morocco
  • Beds
  • Baths
  • Min. stay
    2 Days
  • Wifi (Down/Upload)

SunDesk Co-Living

Located in a small surfing village in Morocco, SunDesk Coliving is an incredible space to be productive, while living life to the fullest! Every morning starts with a Moroccan breakfast on the terrace overlooking the ocean. There is a dedicated coworking space with fast, reliable wifi, along with a Skype Room for meetings. You’ll find a welcoming community, an inspiring space and a perfect base to explore Morocco.

Located in Taghazout, a thriving seaside Berber village in the north of Agadir, southern Morocco, SunDesk is a wonderful spot to experience the unique Moroccan spirit and western living. Surfing tourism has thrived here ever since hippies discovered the village in the 1970s.

SunDesk Coliving was established with the objective of giving university students, freelancers, and professionals the opportunity to work and travel. Whether you’re a digital nomad veteran or just seeking for a focused getaway, SunDesk provides a quiet location and facilities to help you be as productive as possible. Maintain connection with your clients, or sales, and meet fellow co-workers from around the world.

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Climate In Taghazout - Sundesk
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129 reviews
  • Carina Brinkmann
    Carina Brinkmann
    2 months ago

    SunDesk has a great location and we enjoyed staying here as a couple. There's plenty of opportunity to do your own thing but also always someone there in the communal areas to socialize. What made this place feel like home to us, was the amazing service. There's breakfast every day (though it could definitely start an hour earlier for me personally) and on tuesdays they serve the best BBQ I've had since being there. They always make sure to have vegan/vegetarian options as well.

  • Amiani Johns
    Amiani Johns
    2 months ago

    As the sun sets on games of beach soccer, the coastal town of Taghazout transforms into an evocative scene. Surfers catch the last wave of the day, their dark silhouettes dancing against the the setting sun. Fishermen huddle in gambling circles, loudly shouting as they smack down their cards, patiently awaiting their turn to venture out into the restless ocean. Behind them, boats are sent out one by one to ply their trade in the midnight blue sea. To sit on a SunDesk balcony and watch this play out every evening was a reminder that there is magic in this world. Etched on my mind. Beyond the spectacle is the soul of SunDesk—the people. This space is like a crossroads of the interesting and friendly. It seems SunDesk has an ability to attract mature, open-minded people who are there to enjoy the good times by the ocean, but are still serious and calmly ready to connect. The staff at SunDesk are the key to the incredibly positive and productive atmosphere I experienced. Their tireless dedication is evident in the buzzing hive of activity that SunDesk is. From the early morning breakfast to the evening, their efforts serve as the backbone of this thriving community. The breakfast will blow your mind off :)

  • Esmée Schieveld
    Esmée Schieveld
    4 months ago

    Absolutely love this place! I've been a couple of times and hope to go back more often. I really enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. The staff is super friendly and always makes me feel like I'm coming home. The lunches and bbq's they host are great, but I think the communal breakfasts will always be my favourite. Not only because of the great food but also because it is a great, low key, way to meet your fellow colivers and make plans with them. The rooms are all unique and seem to be cleaned continuously.

  • Ylva Zimmermann
    Ylva Zimmermann
    4 months ago

    I've had the most amazing time at Sundesk. The whole place is just beautiful and super tidy. The staff is so sweet and friendly, they are always happy to chat with you and it felt like one big family. The food they make is delicious and I will always remember the wonderful breakfast vibes. I will definitely come back!

  • manuela nerini
    manuela nerini
    4 months ago

    My experience in Sundesk was amazing. I spent 2 weeks there, working (very good internet connection) but i wish I spent more time! All the staff is nice, special thanks to Manale and Nadia, great hosts that make the colivers feel at home! The room and bathrooms super clean. The breakfast moment is really nice: the terrace has an amazing view and it's the perfect moment to share time with the other colivers. Special mention to the food served: for breakfast there is a lot of variety and home made food and lunches are really tasty! I will be back for sure

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