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Outsite Co-Living

Housed in an historic building in the Cais do Sodre neighborhood, the Lisbon location of Outsite Coliving is ideal! With 24 rooms and communal spaces on each floor, it’s a great place to find a sense of community in Lisbon. Outsite’s dedicated coworking cafe on the ground floor is one of the best places to work in the city and a perfect spot for digital nomads.

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Climate In Lisbon
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  • Jessica R
    Jessica R
    a month ago

    I really enjoyed my stay overall here - the location is really in the center of the action. The accommodation itself has areas for improvement. Each floor has a separate living area that’s not really used so there isn’t much mingling happening in the building. The rooms themselves … if you book anything other than a room with a balcony, good luck. The private queen with private washroom on the fourth floor doesn’t have a fan installed, only a portable floor fan (that’s super noisy if on max) - there’s also no ventilation because there are no windows so it has a strange odour. It’s fine if you’re there for a few short days but less than a week for sure. The community manager, Inês, is a gem. She’s super welcoming, friendly, and really does a great job bringing us together by organizing dinners as well as sharing suggestions for things to do throughout the week.

  • Steffi Rinderle
    Steffi Rinderle
    6 months ago

    Instagram vs. reality hit really hard at Ousite Lisbon Cais do Sodre. Some of the rooms are super dark, have no windows and the room with the ensuite shower is super humid and smelly. Also the "living / coworking room" of the flat on the 4th floor is a small room without any windows or daylight. The kitchen is okay but there are really just the very basics available, not even wine glasses can be found. I met another girl here who was so unhappy that she left after 2 days only. I also reached out to customer support to ask for a room change since I did not feel like staying in a humid, smelly room without a window. I was told "that the room description says so" which I found really insulting and not customer-friendly at all. I could have changed to another room but after seeing it, I can say that it was even worse. It might be that the rooms with big balconies and windows are better. However 80 € per night for rooms that are not in a good condition (rusty shower, shower leaking, plaster flaking off ...) are too much - especiall since my room was supposed to be one of the better ones. The coworking space downstairs is nice and the house is really central but did not make up for the room and the bad customer service. After this stay, I canceled my Outsite membership and will not book a stay with them again. I see a clear misfit here between the images and the brand image that is conveyed via Instagram and the website and what really happens onsite.

  • anne m
    anne m
    6 months ago

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at Outsite and will make it my go-to place to work when I’m in Lisbon. The Space is welcoming, staff are great and there’s interesting monthly events where you can meet people. It’s also very reasonably priced. Bravo Outsite!

  • Gershon Ballas
    Gershon Ballas
    8 months ago

    if you're a digital nomad (or just a remote worker) in Lisbon, this is the place you HAVE to visit. you can elect to either actually stay here (as I did) or just come work at the cafe. I had an amazing experience with both. Alejandra (co-work manager) and Ines (co-live manager) both did an amazing job creating such a great community at Outsite. the community is really what made my experience here so specia.

  • Auguste J
    Auguste J
    a year ago

    If you're hoping to explore Lisbon whilst balancing work with free time, and want to also feel like part of a like minded community - this would be the perfect way. You can be as involved as you want but be sure there's always someone around who would love to hang out, go out after work, or join you for a road trip on the weekend. The location is very close to the water front as well as to all the central restaurants, cafes or bars. So you're just a walk away from most places, perfect for a stroll if you're undecided. The Cowork is in the same building - so it's perfect to pop back up to your room for a break or a call you need to have (in case the conference room or a booth is taken). The coffee there is great, too, and Alejandra is just a wonderful host, great barista, and a friend to all. All rooms are quite bright during the day and there are balconies for those extra sunny mornings/afternoons. For anything you might need during your stay, for any help or advice - you also have a helpful community manager there to assist, who's always very responsive and caring.

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