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Pitaya Co-living

Welcome to Pitaya Coliving, Lanzarote’s premier coliving space in the heart of Arrecife’s historic district. With stunning ocean views, Pitaya offers a unique blend of work and leisure. Three apartments in one building, house a vibrant community of remote workers, each with coworking and communal areas, striking the perfect balance between privacy and social connection.

Enjoy blazing-fast 300mb wifi in Pitaya’s coworking space, which is filled with natural light. Pitaya isn’t just a place to stay; it’s a dynamic hub where connections thrive. Immerse in Lanzarote’s culture and discover a world of adventure, from hiking and cycling to paragliding, surfing, scuba diving, and even wine tasting and dancing.

Enjoy a complimentary weekly breakfast, and recharge with free coffee and tea. Pitaya is your gateway to a lifestyle where work meets play, and where every day is an opportunity for discovery on this captivating island. Join the Pitaya Community in redefining remote work in Lanzarote.

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33 reviews
  • Martina Borghi
    Martina Borghi
    in the last week

    I spent one month at Pitaya in March 2023 and I had a wonderful time there. The coliving is perfectly located, it's close to supermarkets, bars and restaurants and it's a 10/15 minutes walk to the beach. The rooms are comfortable and the coworking area has all the necessary equipment to focus and work well, with standard and adjustable/standing desks. This has been my best coliving experience so far, because Laura is an exceptional host and she created an amazing community 💖. There are weekly events , yoga, community breakfast, family dinner, and there is a lot to explore in the island, so it's impossible to get bored. I recommend it 100% and I hope to come back!

  • Marko Begovic
    Marko Begovic
    4 months ago

    We had an amazing experience staying in Laura's place. Pitaya Coliving is the first coliving on the island of Lanzarote. Laura, the host/owner, brings so much energy and passion into her space, and with that much dedication, it is not a surprise that everyone who stayed so far had an awesome experience. The main focus is on the community, but it's also centered around Lanzarote. Laura always encourages people to discover the island and is always ready to recommend you things to do. During our one-month stay, we met some wonderful people. The place has a coworking space fully equipped for people who are working remotely, with a gorgeous view. I would recommend anyone planning to come to Lanzarote as a digital nomad or remote worker to definitely check Pitaya.

  • Jason Parmar
    Jason Parmar
    2 months ago

    My first ever co-living experience felt like stepping into a whole new world of excitement and adventure! As I entered the magnificent palace, a warm and genuine welcome from Laura set the tone for an incredible journey ahead. Let me tell you, Laura is an absolute gem who goes above and beyond to make everyone feel right at home. Her infectious personality and genuine care truly made my stay unforgettable. Living with people from all corners of the globe was an absolute delight. We formed bonds that will last a lifetime. We didn't just share a living space; we shared thrilling experiences that made me feel like I was living in an episode of Skins! From nights filled with laughter and dancing to exhilarating adventures like snorkeling and surfing, every moment was a memory waiting to be cherished. Initially, I had planned to stay for a modest two weeks, but the magic of this place had me under its spell. Before I knew it, six weeks had flown by, and I couldn't bear the thought of leaving this incredible community behind. The location of the co-living was a dream come true. With the beach and a gym nearby, there was always something exciting to do. But what truly amazed me was the friendliness of the people not just within the co-living but everywhere I went. It felt like a warm embrace from the entire city, making me feel welcomed and appreciated at every turn. If you're seeking a co-living experience that transcends the ordinary, look no further. This place is a hidden gem that will capture your heart and leave you yearning for more. Trust me, you won't just find a place to stay, but a vibrant community that will redefine your concept of home.

  • Helena Solsona
    Helena Solsona
    5 months ago

    I had an amazing stay at Pitaya and met a beautiful group of other remote workers. You can find a great balance between your personal space/working and social life/activities there. There's a weekly plan with outings and activities that you can join if you feel like it, and Laura is very helpful in giving tips of things to do and will make you feel at home. Very recommendable!

  • Gala Ladišić
    Gala Ladišić
    4 months ago

    The first coliving in Lanzarote!! We stayed in Pitaya for a month in Nov/Dec 2022, and it made us completely fall in love with Lanzarote. It's a great place to work remotely as it has a big coworking space included in your stay. We also met so many amazing people who we stayed in touch with even after our stay. One of those people is the operator and host Laura who truly bring the energy and the beauty to the coliving. So many emotions associated with Pitaya and can't wait to come back. 🤗

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