Best Coliving Spaces for Digital Nomads in Portugal

Best Coliving Spaces for Digital Nomads in Portugal

Are you a digital nomad on the hunt for more than just a fast Wi-Fi connection? Coliving spaces are redefining the concept of community for remote workers – offering not only a desk and a bed, but a chance to join a thriving network of like-minded individuals. And, when it comes to coliving, Portugal has become a hub for digital communities.

Let’s dive into Portugal’s top coliving destinations – where forging meaningful connections is just as important as ticking off your to-do list. Here are our top picks for coliving in Portugal, handpicked for wandering professionals like you!

Nomadico – Costa Caparica, Portugal

Nomadico Terrace

Just a stone’s throw from Lisbon, Nomadico in Costa Caparica invites digital nomads into a surfers’ paradise. Here, you’ll find yourself in a community that speaks your language: the language of sun, surf, and seamless Wi-Fi.

The rooftop terrace not only offers stunning views but also serves as a meeting point for nomads from all corners of the globe. With amenities like free bikes and surfboards, you’re invited to explore and connect, both with the vibrant locale and the inspiring people around you.

Why You’ll Love Nomadico:

  • Proximity to Lisbon: Just 20 minutes from the capital, blending urban accessibility with beachfront tranquility.
  • Surf-Friendly Setting: Positioned on a renowned surf beach for morning sessions or post-work unwinding.
  • Community Focus: A vibrant, active community fostering collaboration and connection among digital nomads.
  • Fast Wifi: Equipped with high-speed internet and workspaces to ensure uninterrupted work flow.

Pricing: Starting at just €690mo!

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Luna House Hub – Cascais, Portugal

Luna House Hub offers an exquisite B&B experience tailored exclusively for digital nomads from November to March. This Cascais gem provides a serene escape where luxury meets the digital nomad lifestyle, set against the backdrop of a town famed for its enchanting atmosphere and pristine beaches.

Why You’ll Love Luna House Hub:

  • Complimentary Daily Breakfast: Start your day with a healthy (and delicious!) breakfast—a staple for productivity and energy.
  • Weekly Hiking: Engage with the natural beauty of Cascais through organized weekly hikes, perfect for recharging.
  • Voice Yoga Sessions: For an additional fee, partake in voice yoga to improve wellness and find your inner calm amidst a busy work schedule.
  • Dedicated Coworking Space: With space for 25 digital nomads, featuring ergonomic chairs and hi-speed wifi, the coworking space is perfect for focused work.

Pricing: Starting at €1,260mo.

Book your stay at Luna House Hub here.

WOT Ericeira Lodge – Ericeira, Portugal

Wot Ericeira Rooftop

Embrace the digital nomad life at WOT Ericeira Lodge, where the charm of a traditional Portuguese fishing village meets modern working needs. Available exclusively for digital nomads from November to March, this lodge is just a short walk from the beach and offers a peaceful retreat with fast Wi-Fi and a dedicated coworking area.

Why You’ll Love WOT Ericeira Lodge:

  • Beachside Location: Only two minutes on foot to enjoy the waves and sunsets of Ericeira’s stunning beaches.
  • Community Space: A communal environment that promotes networking and collaboration among digital nomads from around the globe.
  • Swift Connectivity: Benefit from fast Wi-Fi that ensures you can work efficiently and stay connected.
  • Seasonal Exclusivity: Reserved for digital nomads in the quieter, cooler months for an uninterrupted work and relax experience.

Pricing: Starting at €980mo.

Book your stay at WOT Ericeira Lodge here.

YON Coliving – Lisbon, Portugal

YON in Lisbon offers digital nomads a luxurious urban coliving experience with a strong sense of community. With multiple locations across the city, members have access to a vast network of professionals and the vibrant life of Lisbon, a city that’s become a hub for nomads worldwide.

Why You’ll Love YON:

  • Multiple Locations: Choose from various luxury coliving spaces across Lisbon, each fostering community and collaboration.
  • Nomad Hub: Lisbon is a sought-after destination for nomads, known for its rich history, culture, and favorable climate.
  • Luxury and Comfort: YON provides upscale living spaces that don’t compromise on comfort or style, perfect for the discerning nomad.
  • Community-Centric: Membership provides entry to an expansive community across all YON locations in Lisbon, enhancing networking opportunities.

Pricing: Starting at €1,344/mo.

Promo Code: Mention COLIVING COMPASS during your booking inquiry for $75 off. Book here.

Novovento – Azores, Portugal

Novovento Bedroom

Nestled on the awe-inspiring island of São Miguel, Novovento offers digital nomads the chance to live and work in the heart of nature. Its prime location near the ocean is just a 40-minute hike from the breathtaking crater rim of Sete Cidades, making it a paradise for those who seek serenity and inspiration.

Why You’ll Love Novovento Coliving:

  • Ocean Proximity: Located near the Atlantic, providing a tranquil backdrop for work and contemplation.
  • Hiking Access: A short trek leads you to the stunning vistas atop the crater rim of Sete Cidades, an iconic Azorean landmark.
  • Inspiring Coworking Area: Work in a bright, airy space with massive windows that frame the ocean, filling your workday with natural light and majestic views.
  • Natural Surroundings: São Miguel, known as the “Green Island,” offers an abundance of nature, perfect for eco-friendly and outdoor-loving nomads.
  • Tranquil Environment: Ideal for those looking to escape the urban grind and immerse themselves in a peaceful, natural setting conducive to deep work.

Pricing: Starting at just €500/mo!

Book your stay at Novovento Coliving here.

Same Same – Lisbon, Portugal

Same Same Bedroom

Same Same in Lisbon isn’t just a coliving space; it’s a creative ecosystem made up of a coliving home (samesame), a vibrant co-work area, an artistic atelier (Equina), and their own bar and event venue (Insitu). This unique setup is designed with creativity and community at its core, offering a space to rest, create, and linger amidst Lisbon’s dynamic atmosphere.

Why You’ll Love Same Same Coliving:

  • Vintage Charm: Beautifully furnished with iconic design pieces from the 60’s, offering an inspiring and stylish living environment.
  • Creative Compound: A multi-faceted space that includes coliving accommodations, a coworking area, an art studio, and an events venue.
  • Community-Centric: Encourages interactions and connections through a community WhatsApp chat and a calendar filled with events.
  • Sustainability: Dedicated to supporting the local and circular economy, promoting responsible living and consumer practices.

Pricing: Starting around €800/mo.

Book your stay at Same Same Coliving here.

Conclusion for Coliving in Portugal

Portugal’s coliving spaces cater to every taste, whether you’re looking for beachfront productivity, city buzz, or a tranquil getaway. Find your next digital nomad destination, along with a global network at these top-rated coliving spaces.

Ready to embrace the coliving lifestyle in Portugal? Visit Coliving Compass to discover and book your perfect space. Join the community, live, work, and explore Portugal like never before!

We’re adding new coliving spaces to our list every month! If you’d like to stay up to date on the best coliving spaces around the world, sign up for our newsletter here. Happy travels!

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