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Cummari Coliving

Sicily, Italy
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Cummari Co-living

Cummari Coliving is a destination where independent female travellers, artists, and digital nomads can find inspiration and experience cultural immersion while in Sicily. The Cummari Catania house has been converted into a living work of art from an abandoned home. Every room has a unique theme and feeling.

The carefully crafted and modernly designed Cummari Coliving Space combines the classic Sicilian elements to create a luxurious living environment.

The Cummari coworking room is situated at the heart of the house and is a place to work, create, or relax. There are three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a shared kitchen, washroom, and large terrace. Women who enjoy the company of others but also need some time to concentrate are welcome to use our quiet room or private office.

Digital Nomads who like luxury and want something new in their travel experience are drawn to Cummari Coliving. They enjoy their private space, but also like to socialize with other international women who share their interests.

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Climate In Catania - Cummari
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